hello from over here

I hate introductory posts, I really do.

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. My name’s Catherine Rose, and I created this blog as a way to connect with people like myself, people who are bewitched by the magic of everyday life. Simple things, such as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings or leaves swirling around in the wind, can become so much more meaningful if you stop for a moment and let them affect you in a way that only they can.

oh hey, yeah this is me

This blog is a place for me to get out all of my random musings, as well as share my research into pagan & faerie lore (and associated history and art). I also have a list of people about a mile long that I’d love to interview for the blog, people who I look up to because of their ability and commitment to adding beauty and magic to the world.

A little about myself: I’m a freelance business writer, and have been for about two years. I absolutely love what I do- working with businesses to help them form lasting relationships with their clients and community. I enjoy finding the right voice for each brand and helping people spread the word about the things that they’re passionate about.

BUT, and it’s a pretty big BUT, my first love has always been writing fiction. In creating my freelance business, I became obsessed with the idea that publicly following my author dreams would make me seem less legitimate. I even considered publishing my book- my baby that I’ve poured countless hours into- under a pseudonym. Add an overwhelming hesitation to actually show people that I know, Real People, the writing that comes from the deepest parts of me, and you get a series of books that lay unfinished for years. It’s not fun, and I’m tired of it. That way of thinking just doesn’t make sense, and it never did. But I wanted it to so badly.

This is me finally giving myself permission to pursue my dreams without embarrassment, or fear that people won’t like what I write, won’t appreciate my wit or my emotion.

I’m getting over that (or working on it, at least) and this blog is a big part of that.

Fuck it, this is who I am.

I can’t find people who connect with my writing without also finding people that don’t, and a recent story exchange with my closest friend knocked me in the head with the realization that having just one person get excited about my ideas is worth putting them out there. I don’t want everybody to like me. I certainly don’t like everybody, and it’s ludicrous to keep editing a novel in hopes that not a single person will think it sucks. Hell, maybe everyone will. But I’m not writing for approval, I’m writing because it’s how I can be the most authentic version of myself.

If you decide to follow this blog, congratulations, you’re officially coming along for the ride. I hope that I can help you become excited about the little miracles that you encounter every day, and (most importantly) that I can inspire you to become the most authentic version of yourself.

Ready? Eh, me either, but let’s go ahead and go anyway.

-catherine rose

(do you like how I kept this “short and sweet”? me too. insert winky face here.)

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