The easiest and most difficult challenge yet.

i started winged shadows to explore writing in a very specific genre, and i haven’t yet posted any stories. at all. it’s not because i haven’t written any; it’s because none of them feel finished. i’ve been terrified at the idea of people reading my writing and thinking less of me because of it, whether that be because they think i’m a shitty writer, or just a strange person in general. i tell myself all the time that the only way to make everyone like you is to never do anything at all, and it’s time for me to stop letting my life be influenced (and halted, honestly) by people’s perceptions of me. fuck it. i’m a nerd, and i have fun doodling words about fairies and witches, centaurs and shooting stars, merfolk and monsters. i have fun doodling about worlds whose very atmosphere is so saturated with magic that even the frogs croak out a melody at the sight of the spectacular sunsets. this blog was never intended for people who think that’s weird. it’s for the kind of people who see a choir of toads and dragonflies and can’t help singing along. those are the best kinds of people, and i’d love to get to know more of them.

which brings me to my next point. time to get all those “unfinished” story babies out into the world. starting tonight, i’m going to post a story a day to my blog (link in bio). they’re for from perfect, but, hell, so am i. fuck it. i need to make space in my mind for new characters and new problems, and that can’t happen when i’m dwelling in the same set of stories that i’ve been tinkering with all year. thus begins 30 days of #noperfectprose

anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. be sure to use the tag so i can see your perfectly imperfect projects!


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