Aowyn’s Journey

day one of #noperfectprose ✨🌿🌙🌿✨ The night was cloudy and the forest was restless. Aowyn trod lightly through the underbrush, careful not to make too much noise. She paused by a weathered oak and tried to catch her breath. Purple and red lights twinkled in the distance. Above her, an owl hooted and made every … More Aowyn’s Journey


The easiest and most difficult challenge yet. i started winged shadows to explore writing in a very specific genre, and i haven’t yet posted any stories. at all. it’s not because i haven’t written any; it’s because none of them feel finished. i’ve been terrified at the idea of people reading my writing and thinking … More #noperfectprose

A Multicolored Silver Lining (or Some Other, More Creative Title)

The plan is to post once or twice each week. My last post was sixteen days ago. Things are obviously going well. So here’s what happened. Before I made this blog public, I planned and outlined about eight blog posts, so that if things got busy I wouldn’t have to struggle that much to post … More A Multicolored Silver Lining (or Some Other, More Creative Title)

hello from over here

I hate introductory posts, I really do. So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. My name’s Catherine Rose, and I created this blog as a way to connect with people like myself, people who are bewitched by the magic of everyday life. Simple things, such as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings or … More hello from over here